Did you know that thousands of businesses around the world are talking to their printers?

Gabi Voice is Xerox’s workplace assistant, designed to make giving your Xerox multifunction printer voice commands easy. Powered by artificial intelligence, users can provide Gabi with natural language instructions—meaning that you can “talk” to your printer naturally to give it tasks, like you would with another person.

At a very simple level, this means that you might say something like, “Gabi, print two copies of this document.” But Gabi Voice is remarkably intelligent and, as we said, it all feels very futuristic. “Gabi, print two copies of this document. Then archive it to the cloud and email me a searchable, full color PDF.”

Now that’s impressive.

In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at Gabi and how “she” can help your business increase productivity and accessibility for your whole staff.

xerox gabi voice 2019What is Xerox’s Gabi Voice?

Gabi stands for Global Artificial Business Intelligence and is Xerox’s entry into the digital assistant marketplace. But unlike Siri and the others, Gabi Voice is specifically designed to accurately execute tasks on your Xerox machine.

Gabi is powered by a partnership between Xerox and IBM’s Watson, the same artificial intelligence you might remember as the winner of trivia competition Jeopardy! In 2011. Voice data is securely transferred to IBM for interpretation, using industry-leading encryption. No data is stored “server side,” meaning that Xerox nor IBM keeps vocal data. Interested readers can learn more about Gabi’s security features in this report.

Additionally, Gabi Voice will only execute predetermined tasks with an advanced whitelisting system. This can prevent mistakes from wasting office resources.

How Businesses Are Putting Gabi Voice to Work in Unique Ways

Businesses around the world are enjoying productivity boosts thanks to Gabi Voice. Sometimes it’s much easier to simply say a command out loud than it is to go through the touchscreen menus and perform the task manually.

Gabi Voice doesn’t require any modifications to your existing multifunction device, meaning that the hardware and software will remain the same. The Gabi Voice kit includes the Gabi Smartbox, which is a small appliance that helps Gabi interpret language, and the Gabi Talk2Me unit, which is essentially an integrated microphone and speaker. These components are designed to be user friendly and easy enough for almost anyone to install.

Furthermore, for any organization that needs to be 508c compliant, Gabi Voice is a great solution. This rule requires any agency which receives federal funding to make software accessible to persons with physical limitations. Even if you don’t need to be 508c compliant, Gabi Voice is an ideal way to implement assistive technology for your printers so that your entire workplace is accessible.

voice commands for xerox mfpIf You Think That’s Impressive, You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

Our goal at Southwest Office Solutions is to help you discover the Xerox equipment that’s going to do exactly what your business needs it to do—no two businesses are alike, and that’s what makes the extensible feature set of a Xerox multifunction printer so powerful.

Gabi Voice is just one of the many innovations available to owners of modern Xerox technology. Whether you want to control your printer remotely, send email in new ways, or protect your data with rock-solid industry leading security updates, Xerox has a solution that can be custom tailored to your unique business goals.

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