In today’s post, we’re going to discuss a really great feature found in most modern Xerox multifunction printers: the remote control panel. This feature allows MFP administrators to do a bunch of really handy things even when they’re not near the device—in fact, they don’t even need to be in the office.

If you haven’t used the remote control panel before to administrate your MFP, it’s our hope that by the end of this post you’ll think of a few different scenarios where it will be useful to you.

We’ll begin by defining what exactly the remote control panel is and what it’s for. After that, we’ll look at a couple of helpful usage scenarios.

xerox remote troubleshootingWhat is the Xerox Remote Control Panel?

The Xerox remote control panel is a comprehensive tool that allows printer administrators to do almost anything they could do in person on the MFP, except remotely. The interface for the remote control panel can be accessed on a computer or mobile device. Depending on the printer type and setup method, the remote control panel will be accessible via the MFP’s embedded web server or CentreWare Internet Services feature.

Once logged in to the remote control panel, administrators will have access to a real time, completely interactive interface—just as though they were looking at the screen on the printer itself.

Remote Troubleshooting With The Xerox Remote Control Panel

As you might have already guessed, one of the biggest advantages of the remote control panel is its ability to facilitate remote troubleshooting. If something goes wrong with the printer—an improperly configured setting, for example—it’s possible to administrate the printer from anywhere with an internet connection, meaning that the troubleshooter doesn’t need to be physically located near the printer.

For some businesses, this might mean that a staff member on a business trip can resolve an issue for the crew back home, for others it opens up possibilities for affordable outsourced IT assistance.

xerox mfp features remote control panelUsing the Remote Control Panel for Employee Training

A unique—and perhaps underutilized—use for the remote control panel is as a convenient employee training tool. Let’s say for the sake of example that a Xerox MFP is a new addition to an office.

Rather than showing each individual employee how to use its basic features, a team leader might choose to access the remote control panel as part of a group presentation. The rest of the staff could recieve the same training without any need to actually be near the printer, but the next time they are, they’d know exactly what to do because the interface would be exactly the same as the one they saw during the presentation.

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