Secure Your Office

Document Security Santa Fe and Albuquerque

McAfee and Xerox security threat protection

Keeping your documents safe and secure didn't use to be an easy matter. Now it is, thanks to Xerox’s partnership with McAfee and Cisco Technologies. We offer you the highest level of security for your documents, files and data. Here’s how:

  • Common Criteria Certification covers your entire device, not just parts of it, ensuring that your copiers are as secure as possible.
  • Use your identification system – whether that is ID cards or a login system – to protect your documents on a case-by-case basis. Set permissions for each user to determine what files he or she has access to.
  • Encrypted scanning keeps your files secure as they are emailed, scanned, faxed or printed.
  • Automatic image overwrite immediately removes data from your multifunction printers so that no one can access your data once the job is done.

Protecting important data and information -- such as financial data, client information, medical records, etc. -- is made easy thanks to Xerox’s collaboration with industry leaders McAfee and Cisco. Learn more about our commitment to keeping your files secure by contacting us at one of our locations in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.