Scan to Cloud

document scanning

Xerox has updated an antiquated print system with cloud technology, so you can leverage technologies of today.

Utilize scan to cloud technology with your multifunction printers and copiers:

  • Scan to share – When you scan your documents to share, you can choose, email, cloud database, or network repositories. Integrate popular cloud services like SharePoint, Dropbox or, with your printers and copiers for extended functionality and streamlined processes. Whether you're in Albuquerque or half way around the world, your documents will be accessible. Give your employees anywhere, anytime access to documents within the cloud repository.
  • Scan to edit – Scan your documents into PDFs, Word Documents or Excel files that can be converted or edited among team members. Additionally, you may scan documents straight into your electronic document management system.

Scan to cloud technology is easy to use with your Xerox multifunction device and its easy to use interface. Streamline your workflows, take full advantage of the technology, and integrate your software with your copiers and scanners. Scan to cloud technology is great for any business that uses electronic document management systems or is considering implementing one.