Did you know that according to a Cone Communications study that up to 87% of consumers are motivated to do business with companies that advocate for the same issues that they care about?

Social responsibility has become a hot topic in the business world. Environmental stability has fast become a leading concern for business who want to not only do their part for the environment, but show their customer base that the business cares about the same environmental issues that they do. In order to do so, an increasing number of businesses both in the United States and internationally have established what are known as sustainability goals, that is to say, they’re endeavoring to have less impact on the environment (or even none) with the proof to back it up.

Xerox makes reaching your sustainability goals easier thanks to a handful of innovative options available to businesses everywhere. In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at how and why your business should recycle their old printer cartridges as well as a unique way to help reforestation efforts and reach your sustainability goals with an organization called PrintReleaf.

Recycling 2.5 Million Printer Cartridges, Easy Automated Reforestation With PrintReleaf, and More Ways to Go GreenXerox Has Recycled Over 2.5 Million Printer Cartridges: How You Can Help Too

Thanks to Xerox’s participation in the Green World Alliance recycling program, Xerox customers have returned and recycled over 2.5 million printer cartridges and toner containers. Recycling cartridges is easy—if possible, Xerox asks that you recycle your cartridges locally as this even further reduces environmental impact, but if this is impossible or implausible for whatever reason, Xerox will also accept anything on their “Take Back” list (a full listing of all consumed products they’ll take back from customers without a fee).

From single items to full pallets, recycling your spent cartridges is an easy way to help the environment and to reach your sustainability goals. To learn more about recycling with the Green World Alliance program and for Xerox’s Take Back list, please visit this official Xerox page on the topic.

What is PrintReleaf and How Can it Help You Reach Sustainability Goals?

Xerox has partnered with the PrintReleaf organization, the developers of an innovative technology platform that allows your business to track and mitigate its paper footprint. PrintReleaf takes the data you submit (i.e., total paper usage) and “converts” it into trees in the real world.

Here’s how it works: for every sheet of paper you print, PrintReleaf will automatically help replant the same amount of paper used as trees in reforestation initiatives around the world. Once you’re set up, you’ll receive a certification from PrintReleaf, which you can use to show your customers and clients that your business has taken steps to become “paper neutral.”

Recycling 2.5 Million Printer Cartridges, Easy Automated Reforestation With PrintReleaf, and More Ways to Go GreenReaching Your Sustainability Goals—And All Your Goals—With Xerox Technology

Modern Xerox technology makes reaching your sustainability goals easy. In fact, all of your goals will be easier to reach with Xerox, thanks to the extensible feature set of Xerox multifunction printers. In addition to helping the environment, these machines are capable of translating documents into over 40 languages, accepting voice commands, and fully integrating with your most critical business software.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make the switch to Xerox today, our team of experts would be more than happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us today by calling (888) 784-3494 or by visiting either of our convenient New Mexico locations in Albuquerque or Los Alamos. If you already know what you’re looking for, we invite you to request a free online quote.