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Keeping your office productive and within budget can be a big task for business owners. Your multifunction copiers should help you to accomplish your goals. Multifunction printers and copiers can help you streamline your business processes and increase the functionality of your office equipment. Maximizing the equipment you have can go a long ways towards creating a more efficient office. Combining the functions of several machines into one device will reduce clutter and save your company valuable revenue.

Features of Multifunction Printers

  • Color printing
  • Faxing
  • Network printing and printing from mobile devices
  • Scanning (to network repositories or cloud databases)
  • Mobile printing and document scanning apps
  • Printing options like double-sided, multiple-up and booklet creation
  • Finishing options like hole punching and stapling

Investing in multifunction printers and copiers ensure that you make the most out of your printing equipment. With devices that are wireless, network enabled and equipped with popular apps, you can simplify your processes and save your employees’ precious time. Save money and time by reducing the support, supplies and power needed to run several machines. With local technicians in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we'll also ensure that your devices continue to run properly.

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ConnectKey Platform for Multifunction Printers

Xerox multifunction printers and copiers are enabled with ConnectKey technology to create consistency and uniformity across devices. ConnectKey is a Xerox tool which integrates your machines into one simplified platform. The platform helps you to control your costs, improve productivity, secure your office and reduce your environmental impact. The technology will also fully integrate your MFP devices with mobile and cloud-based solutions.

Xerox ConnectKey App Integration

Xerox multifunction printers with ConnectKey technology allow you to utilize popular apps like:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint

In integrating your copiers with these apps, you can work quicker and smarter, cutting out extraneous steps and simplifying your document management processes. Learn more about the apps here.


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