Did you know that some office equipment doesn’t actually allow owners or administrators to set it back to the default factory settings?

With Xerox office equipment, that will never be a problem.

Resetting a Xerox multifunction printer back to its factory settings is a simple task—however, it’s important to know when it may be necessary, why, and what precautions one should always take before doing so.

To learn how to reset your specific model of Xerox MFP or other device to its default settings, please enter the model into the official Xerox support page, search for “factory defaults,” and follow the instructions. In today’s post, we’ll cover a few things you should know in addition to the information you’ll find there.

how to reset printer to factory defaultsWhy Resetting to Factory Defaults Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Usually we think of the need to restore factory settings as a “last resort” for technology that has failed or malfunctioned in some way—but this is rarely the case with Xerox office equipment.

A far more common reason multifunction printer owners may need to reset the settings of a printer is if the printer is moving to a new department in the business, is being sold to make room for an upgraded model, or because the IT staff is setting up a new environment and wants to “start fresh.” Without this ability, things would be much more difficult in any number of situations.

Remember, resetting to factory defaults will result in all customized presets, apps, and device settings to be removed from the machine.

What Resetting to Factory Defaults Won’t Reset, and Why

For most multifunction printers, there are two points of data that are usually not reset, altered, or deleted: the first is the firmware serial number, which shouldn’t have any noticeable impact on the future usability of the unit. The second (and more interesting) data point is the internal print count meter.

Leaving the print count untouched even after a factory defaults reset is actually a good thing that can be quite useful, since it can give you a rough idea of how much the printer has been used. If the printer is transferred to another department, the IT staff or printer administrator can check the page count to get a basic understanding of how much the printer has been used, and thus how much wear and tear it might have accumulated.

xerox mfp factory defaultsAlways Do This One Thing Before Resetting to Factory Defaults

One of the smartest things you can do before resetting to factory defaults is to order your multifunction printer to produce a configuration report (sometimes called a systems setting report). A configuration report contains an organized list of all the settings on your printer.

If you have a copy of that report, you or the next administrator can use it as a reference to restore certain desired settings again during the new set up process.

To learn how to print a configuration report, enter your MFP model into the official Xerox support page.

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