QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular accounting programs in the world today. If you have a Xerox ConnectKey enabled device, you’ll be happy to know that you can integrate QuickBooks with your Xerox MFP so that you can do some of the fastest expense reporting you’ve ever seen—let’s take a look in more detail:

Xerox Connect App for QuickBooks Online Makes Expense Reporting Faster Than Ever Before

If you want to make your accounting person or department happy, you’ll want to consider installing the Xerox Connect App for QuickBooks Online. This app will make your staff happy too—it offers one of the easiest expense reporting processes you’re likely to have ever come across.

Rather than copying and/or scanning each receipt individually, the QuickBooks Online app allows staff to scan multiple receipts at once. Right from the printer, the person filing the expense report will be able to input any additional required information about the expense report. Furthermore, the app can be set up to automatically notify and deliver the report to the person responsible for approving expenses.

xerox mfp appsOther Xerox Connect Apps for Popular Accounting and CRM Software

If you don’t use QuickBooks Online, Xerox also has a similar receipt scanning app for popular accounting platform SAP Concur. This app works in largely the same way as the QuickBooks Online app described above—if you use Concur, it’s a must have.

Furthermore, did you know that there’s a Xerox app that fully integrates Salesforce with your ConnectKey enabled device? You can access your entire client database right from the printer, which makes sharing documents with your customers a breeze.

How to Extend the Functionality of Your Xerox Multifunction Printer

As you can see, there are a lot of great apps available for your Xerox multifunction device—the ones we’ve mentioned here are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Visit the Xerox App Gallery to browse for yourself and pick out the apps that will help you manage your office in the most productive way possible.

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xerox quickbooks integrationsLearn More About Enhancing Your Workplace With a Xerox MFP at Southwest Office Solutions

Whether you want to manage your Xerox MFP remotely or just send an email right from the device itself, Xerox has seemingly thought of everything—if you don’t have a multifunction device in your workplace yet, we’re confident that you’ll be absolutely blown away by the level of productivity and efficiency you’ll experience once you do.

Worried about setting everything up on your own or incurring unexpected expenses? Consider that you can minimize your document processing expenditures by considering switching to a managed print service like the one we offer here at Southwest Office Solutions. If you’d like to learn more, please check out our post Assess & Optimize: 5 Key Benefits of Migrating to a Managed Print Service (MPS).

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