Changes in recent years have made HIPPA compliance more difficult for healthcare providers, particularly those with small or even midsize practices. As HIPPA regulations become more strict—which, in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, as many of these regulatory changes involve the need for increased security when handling patient records—more and more practices are struggling to keep up with rising financial and personnel requirements.

For these reasons and more, Xerox has developed a service specifically designed to help practices remain HIPPA compliant and keep their costs down. It’s called the Healthcare MFP Solution, an application powered by healthcare interoperability platform Kno2. The application is designed to make handling Electronic Medical Records easy and reliable.

In today’s post, we’ll examine how the Healthcare MFP Solution by Xerox can take the strain out of HIPPA compliance. First, let’s make sure that we have an understanding of the those challenges.

xerox hippa compliance toolsHIPPA Compliance Challenges Faced by Healthcare Practices of all Sizes

As technology becomes more closely intertwined with our daily lives and businesses, so too do the challenges to information security that we collectively face (whether in the healthcare sector or otherwise). Modern HIPPA compliance means that providers need to take specific security steps when storing and transferring digital patient records.

Electronic medical records must be secure and encrypted, and providers must be able to prove that they are such during an audit. For smaller providers, this can create an expensive infrastructure barrier—until now. Let’s take a closer look at how Xerox tackles this problem, making HIPPA compliance easier for everyone.

How Xerox’s Healthcare MFP Solution Works: Easy, Reliable HIPPA Compliance for Electronic Medical Records

The Xerox Healthcare MFP Solution is a service compatible with your Xerox multifunction printer that has been specifically designed for HIPPA compliance. The problem with most competitor “solutions” is that these apps are little more than “scan to fax” or “scan to email” platforms with a healthcare veneer. These kinds of “scan to” applications can actually make HIPPA violations more likely because—often unbeknownst to the end user—they create a separate unencrypted copy of the patient record on the device itself.

Xerox helps mitigate this problem with the Kno2 Cloud Based Technology Platform. This platform creates a “common link” in a secure, standards-based format (i.e., HIPPA compliant, secure, and encrypted). The document only ever exists in one place at a time: on the platform itself. Whether the data is at “rest” (being stored) or in transport from one provider to another, it is fully encrypted.

To get a good general overview of printer cybersecurity, including more useful information about encryption, check out our post Printer Cybersecurity for Small Businesses in 2019. HIPPA compliance is important, but so is protecting your business from malware, ransomware, and other threats.

The Healthcare MFP Solution is easy to use and typically doesn’t require additional staff training. After setup, even small healthcare providers can keep up with enterprise-tier outfits without incurring a large infrastructure expenditure.

best printer for healthcareLearn More About How Xerox Technology Can Help Your Healthcare Practice Grow at Southwest Office Solutions

Xerox technology brings a lot more to the table for a healthcare provider than just easier HIPPA compliance. For example, did you know that you can give your Xerox MFP voice commands or control your printer from anywhere?

When you make the upgrade to Xerox, you’ll enter a world of flexibility, customization, and technology that adapts itself to your specific needs and goals. Learn more by getting in touch with our expert staff, sending us an email or visiting us in person at either of our convenient locations in Los Alamos or Albuquerque. You may also request a free online quote.