One of our favorite things about Xerox technology is the level of flexibility it gives to you, the end user. Far too many companies engage in the practice of “vendor lock-in,” the ethically questionable practice of forcing users to use their technology only in a certain way or, especially, only with certain other products. This is something Xerox admirably admires, and it results in a better product—more freedom, more choice, more customization.

Testament to this fact is the Xerox app gallery, which is packed from floor to ceiling with add-on apps that you can use to extend the functionality of your Xerox multifunction printer. Whether you want to integrate your printer with QuickBooks Online or set up email automation, if there’s a specific task you need to complete, Xerox won’t “lock you out” just because that product is from a different company.

For example, in today’s article we’re going to be looking at 5 popular cloud providers that are all compatible with your modern Xerox machine. One of the entries on the list is DocuShare Flex by Xerox. But plenty of other cloud platforms are compatible with your device, thanks to Xerox’s commitment to user flexibility and customization.

And since the cloud capabilities on a multifunction printer is perhaps one of its most powerful features, we figured there was no better place to start introducing you to this degree of freedom—your technology should work for you, never against you.

Let’s go ahead and dive in:

best cloud providers for document management#1 – DocuShare Flex

DocuShare Flex is Xerox’s cloud content management platform. Since it’s designed to work specifically with your Xerox multifunction printer, it’s a great pick. Document capture via scans, organization, and collaboration is made easy. The DocuShare Flex app will run on your Xerox printer, but also can be installed to your PC, laptop, or mobile device (both android and IOS).

#2 – Google Drive

Google Drive is a “must” for many businesses who are already using Google’s ecosystem, as it integrates so well with other Google services such as Gmail, Google Docs, and more. Now it can integrate with your Xerox machine perfectly as well!

#3 – Dropbox

Dropbox was one of the first majorly successful cloud storage platforms, and it’s still just as popular today as it ever was—it’s especially popular among small businesses thanks to its ease of use and easily scaled storage capacity. With the Connect 2.0 for Dropbox app, you can integrate your account with your Xerox printer to make scanning physical documents into your Dropbox folders a snap. You can also print directly from your Dropbox folders directly from your printer.

#4 – Microsoft OneDrive

For fans of the Microsoft office suite, MicroSoft OneDrive is a simple, intuitive way to share, archive, and collaborate on documents with their entire teams. Oftentimes chosen for ease-of-use, this cloud platform rarely requires additional employee training to start using since it’s likely your staff is already familiar with the Windows ecosystem.

#5 – Amazon WorkDocs

The Amazon WorkDocs App is Xerox’s solution to making your printer work with Amazon’s entry into the cloud documents arena. This app will not only allow you to access documents from your WorkDocs account, but you can also easily scan and submit your hard copy documents to your account, all with automatic file naming and organization.

xerox cloud connect appsLearn More About the Flexibility and Customization Options Available Only With a Xerox Multifunction Printer

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