Modern technology can do some pretty impressive things, but did you ever think we’d reach a point where your printer could translate documents from one language to another for you? How about within seconds, and with a surprisingly high degree of accuracy?

The future is now, because that’s exactly what the Xerox Easy Translator Service is capable of doing—that and more. The app can provide both machine and human translations. In a moment, we’ll discuss the difference and under what situations you might prefer one over the other, but first let’s touch on why this technology from Xerox isn’t just groundbreaking, but necessary for a changing economic climate.

xerox easy translate service how to installFast, Accurate Access to Translation in a Global Economy

The need for translation has never been greater than it is today. We exist in a global marketplace, and thanks to the interconnectedness offered by modern technology, even small businesses have a reach that extends further than ever before. This is a good thing, but it does present new challenges.

The biggest concern for businesses that need frequent translations is the cost. Translators, under normal circumstances anyway, aren’t particularly cheap—but as it turns out there might be an easier way to do things without sacrificing any degree of quality or accuracy.

The Xerox Easy Translator Service is designed to help facilitate communication in languages that are not your own. You can translate both documents that you’ve received, or documents that you’ve written yourself (presumably in English) that you need translated to another language.

Whether the document you need translated is an order form or a complex legal document, this app has a solution—two types of solution, in fact. Let’s examine that further.

Two Types of Translation for Different Situations

The Xerox Easy Translator Service offers both human and machine translations. Human translations are exactly what they sound like: a real human translator will look over your document and accurately translate it into one of the forty-plus languages offered by the Xerox Easy Translator Service.

These translations are professional grade with a high degree of accuracy. The app allows you to automatically request a human translation for your document. While this kind of translation is affordable, it isn’t free, and it does take some time (i.e., it’s not instantaneous, like the other type of translation that we’re about to discuss).

Machine translations are automated translations performed by Xerox software. These translations aren’t as good as human translations, but they’re more than capable of getting the gist of a document across—in non-critical situations, these translations are often perfectly serviceable. The biggest benefit to a machine translation is the cost factor and the fact that the translation can be generated instantly.

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