Control Your Costs

Lowering cost on copiers and multifunction printers

graph of aftermarket cost

Keeping office costs under control is paramount for business owners and administrators. Print costs are notoriously difficult to keep track of with the many bills, bulk supply ordering and unrestricted printing on office copiers. With our equipment and services, we can help you better manage your printing infrastructure so that you get the most out of your copiers, laser printers, and supplies. Here are a few specific ways that we can help you:

  • Control your printing – limiting or restricting color copying
  • Automate supply ordering so you always have just the right amount of supplies – no more, no less
  • Only pay for the printing that you do
  • Set your copiers up to eliminate jobs that are never picked up at the device
  • Set printer defaults to reduce waste and save resources
  • Reduce energy consumption with Energy Star equipment and Intelligent Ready technology

These are just a few simple ways that we can help you get a handle on your budget. In addition to the items mentioned above, we offer managed print services in which we oversee your copiers and printers, ensure optimal operation and prevent any issues. Contact us to learn more.