ConnectKey App Technology for Multifunction Printers

Xerox app for printers and copiers


Xerox ConnectKey app technology has been implemented to extend the functionality of your WorkCentre and ColorQube multifunction printers and copiers, combining your processes and streamlining your workflows. Combine your hardware with software, turning your multifunction printer into a productive work center. The following apps, in addition to many other workflow apps, are available to any 2016 ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers:

  • Google Drive: Print and scan to your cloud-based Google account
  • Dropbox: Print and scan to your cloud-based Dropbox accout
  • OneDrive: Print and scan to your cloud-based OneDrive account
  • Office 365: Print and scan using your SharePoint or Team Collaboration Site
  • Box: Print and scan to your cloud-based Box account
  • Cloud Email: Scan to your cloud-based email account, gmail, hotmail, etc.

The apps increase the scope of the work that can be done using your multifunction copiers.

Some of the benefits of app integration:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Increase the functionality of your copiers
  • Easy to integrate into your device
  • Low cost
  • Customize your workflows and solve business problems specific to your organization with the apps you choose
  • Simplify your workflows and streamline your processes
  • Customize the communication at the user interface
  • Create and customize apps that work for you at no extra cost

Simplify your workflow by printing and storing documents using software that is easily and readily used by many. Customize your workflow using the apps that work for your business.

What Xerox Customers are Saying About the Apps:

  • Xerox is forward thinking, moving with today's technology
  • The company truly wants customers to have the best experience and get the most out of their copiers and equipment
  • Xerox technology aligns with the user experience and needs
  • Typically pleasantly surprised

Contact us to learn more about our solutions in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, or visit the Xerox website for the full list of apps available for your device.