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The 2018 Roadmap for Cloud Technology

cloud tech 2018

There’s no doubt that cloud technology is here to stay, but what are the projections for the use of digital technology and cloud solutions in 2018? Let’s take a look at a breakdown of what’s coming in the next 12 months, and how the cloud will impact your business.

Key Areas of Impact

New advancements in cloud technologies will impact a number of pivotal business areas, but the most affected will be:

Tuesday Tips: Innovations in Scanning

Innovations in Scanning

Many small and medium-sized businesses are digitizing their documents to boost productivity and make processes simpler. In the past, digitizing meant creating a folder on the desktop, document scanning and putting each into the new folder, naming them as you completed each scan. While not difficult, the process can be tedious, particularly if there are a large number of documents that need scanning.

Tips for Better Meetings

Tips for Better Meetings

An important quality of any business is to enhance office productivity. Employees need to get as much done in the time possible, and part of that efficiency can come from various meetings you hold.


This involves both employers and employees preparing. The employer should prepare a layout of what the meeting will cover, and the boss should send workers any pertinent documents that should be reviewed before the meeting takes place.

What You Need to Go Mobile

What You Need to Go Mobile

While traveling for business can be a practical way to build partnerships and gain market share, it can also be stressful. Travel takes you away from the daily routine, which can make productivity difficult to maintain. Proper planning and mobile-friendly technology can help you remain effective, even with delayed flights, rescheduled meetings and uncooperative weather.

Tuesday Tips: How Technology Can Help Manage Remote Employee Connections

How Technology Can Help Manage Remote Employee Connections

Advancements in office technology can make it possible to work remotely. Workers today may be at home, in different offices, time zones or even countries. Technology can make it easier to stay connected and productive.

Business Equipment

For both security and productivity, make sure that employees are using the same quality of equipment at home as they would have access to in the office. Supplying standardized equipment can also make it easier for the IT staff to install and support the equipment.

Tuesday Tips: Bring Your Printing and Documents Into the Digital Age

Bring Your Printing and Documents Into the Digital Age

Even in the digital age with state-of-the-art technology available, many businesses are still drowning in paper. The focus on IT systems and software can divert businesses from the critical tasks of optimizing print flow and document production and conversion. Employees may lose valuable time manipulating and locating files. Managed print services bundles all the activities related to document production and storage in one package. This allows businesses to close the gap between their digital and paper worlds.

Tuesday Tips: Don’t Let These Bottlenecks Put the Breaks on Print Production

Don’t Let These Bottlenecks Put the Breaks on Print Production

The excitement and innovation of introducing improved office technology can be tempered by challenges. When you increase automation in the print production process, it’s important to prepare for bottlenecks in office productivity. Awareness of these 5 issues can make breaking new ground easier.

1. The volume of small print jobs may increase. Web to print workflow allows customers to click and reorder instantly. Preparing employees to handle increased demand can manage stress and improve performance.

Tuesday Tips: Document Management Does More than Store Documents

Document Management Does More than Store Documents

Technology should support more than just your infrastructure. Technology should help your business to grow and evolve, not maintain.

Products like your document management system should do more than simply store your business’ documents. Rather, your document management system should help workers integrate the programs they use, enabling them to be more productive. Anywhere, anytime use is not only expected, but it is required for many workers to get their jobs done on time.

Will Managed Print Services Affect My Customer Service?

Will Managed Print Services Affect My Customer Service?

Good customer service is the name of the game for most small to mid-sized business owners, and anything that helps a business owner increase customer service without increasing costs is good for business. Managed print services can do that.

Tuesday Tips: Mobilize Your MPS

 Mobilize Your MPS

If you’ve transitioned your business to a managed print services (MPS), then you’re already one step ahead on optimizing your business process. Are you ready for the next optimization leap? With the Xerox mobile app, you have access to mobile printing from your smartphone and can easily connect to your Xerox Multifunction printer (MFP) to create and access document scanning workflows.