Tuesday Tips: Innovations in Scanning

Innovations in Scanning

Many small and medium-sized businesses are digitizing their documents to boost productivity and make processes simpler. In the past, digitizing meant creating a folder on the desktop, document scanning and putting each into the new folder, naming them as you completed each scan. While not difficult, the process can be tedious, particularly if there are a large number of documents that need scanning.

At some point, most people require one of those digitized documents, and they run into the problem of inefficient document management systems. A lengthy search for the right one may ensue, wasting time better spent with more productive tasks. Uploading the documents and accessing the data they contain can take even more time before work can begin.

Thanks to innovations in scanning technology, the digitizing process can be streamlined.

  • Advanced document imaging feature sets enable multiple files to be scanned at once, reducing the time needed to go from scanning a document to using the data it contains, boosting productivity.
  • Fewer steps can result in fewer errors, which further improves employee output.
  • Solutions work with a range of commonly used business applications.
  • Integrate with virtually any scanner.

Expensive desktop and server applications can cumbersome to deploy, maintain and support. Integrating apps with the cloud can reduce costs and increase options for SMBs.