The Security of Your Printer

The Security of Your Printer

When you think of computer security, chances are that you don’t give your company printer very much thought, which is perfectly understandable. But your laser printer can be more of a security liability than you realize. Understand a few of the finer points of printer security so you can print and copy with confidence.

General Vulnerabilities

One of the biggest components of copier security is keeping your devices safe from viruses that might exist on your computer or any devices you plug into your printer, such as a USB flash drive. There might also be sensitive material you print or copy, the information of which you’ll want to protect with document security so hackers and other cybercriminals can’t take a peek at what you’re printing or copying.

Choose a Certified Printer

The next time you’re in need of a new laser printer, look for one that’s received information security standard certification from the National Information Assurance Partnership. What this certification means is that the printer has been approved to protect any information the computer processes; that labs have tested the printer’s security capabilities; and that the printer meets the latest requirements for cryptography, security protocols and authentication.

Before you print out another document that contains sensitive client, business or employee information, be sure you proceed with a device that has the latest in printer security for ultimate peace of mind.