3 Reasons the Xerox Iridesse is the Future of Printing

Xerox is a brand name synonymous with innovation, but their latest digital press creation may be their biggest leap forward yet. Here are three reasons that the Xerox Iridesse production press could be the printer of the future.

1. A Six-Station Color Press

Only the Xerox Iridesse can print a combination of CMYK and metallic gold, silver or clear dry ink. The ability to mix traditional and as many as two specialty inks at once, creates a world of digital printing possibilities.

2. A Single, Fast Pass

Not only does the Xerox Iridesse combine traditional and specialty inks, but it does so in a single pass at speeds up to 120 pages per minute! You’ll no longer need to watch and wait while your paper re-feeds and re-runs.

3. Design Editing Capabilities

The Xerox Iridesse contains design functionality as well, making it possible to edit and transform text and graphics selectively, non-destructively and with a simple interface. You’ll be able to modify designs on the fly with top-of-the line enhancements. With its groundbreaking features of versatile ink combinations, lightning fast printing and processing speed and design tools, the Xerox Iridesse is clearly a next-level digital press that can take businesses of many kinds into the future.