Be Greener

Be Greener | Southwest Office Solutions

environmentally friendly solutions for copiers

It’s important for businesses to become more environmentally sustainable – whether by choice or by regulation. For many offices, this change can be incredibly difficult to enact. Thankfully, Xerox can help with reduce the impact your organization's copiers have on the environment.

  • Xerox technology, like Solid Ink, reduces waste by 90% in comparison to traditional cartridges
  • Electronic document management systems and document imaging reduces your reliance on paper and ink by storing your documents electronically, not physically
  • Xerox copiers are Energy Star certified, meaning you will use less resources to operate your laser printers and copiers
  • The Earth-Smart button on your copiers ensure you reduce the number of pages printed (and wasted) by reverting to defaults like multiple up, duplex and skipping blank pages
  • Xerox packaging is recyclable

Go green with Xerox! Learn more about how we can help you to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.