Businesses who recognize that print marketing is an incredibly effective advertising method, despite the meteoric rise of digital advertising, stand to leapfrog their competitors in both reach and growth.

Digital marketing is a powerful force in the business world, but too many organizations focus on it exclusively while forgoing “old school” print marketing. The thing is, print marketing often has a substantially higher return on investment (ROI) and conversion rates that would make any online marketer jealous.

So instead of choosing one or the other, wouldn’t capturing the best of both worlds be the best course of action? Welcome to the world of augmented print, where businesses who “get it” are combining both print and digital marketing campaigns to great effect.

In today’s post we’ll examine a handful of innovative ways you too can combine your print and digital advertisements to increase user engagement and brand awareness. But first, let’s talk about the most cost efficient way to get started:

print marketing ideasProducing Print Marketing Campaigns In-House With a Xerox MFP

If you own a Xerox multifunction printer, producing your own print marketing campaigns in-house couldn’t be easier and more affordable. From brochures to direct mailers, an MFP is capable of producing high quality print advertisements at a fraction of the cost incurred by hiring out third party printing companies.

Innovative Ways of Combining Digital Marketing & Print Marketing Campaigns

QR codes have been around for a long time, but it hasn’t been until comparatively recently that most people recognized them and felt comfortable using them (or even had the equipment to do so). However, QR codes are everywhere now, and that’s because they’re an effective means of transmitting information—if you’re putting out a print marketing campaign (e.g., a flyer or brochure), there’s little excuse not to have a QR code linking to a personalized URL at your business. Not only will this help you track media crossover, you’ll also be able to retain your audience’s attention for longer periods of time.

Your social media information should be clearly printed and visible on your marketing materials. Better yet, give your audience a great reason to follow you, such as important industry information, special social-media-only offers, or other incentives.

Always include a strong call to action (CTA) in your print marketing that directs users to your website, social media, or other pertinent online platforms. Similar to the above, recipients need to have an incentive for doing so, such as an exclusive offer or promotional code. Once you’ve “transferred” a user from print to online, your digital marketing funnel can do the rest of the heavy lifting.

combine digital and print marketingDiscover Everything You Can Accomplish With a Xerox Multifunction Printer at Southwest Office Solutions

Are you considering upgrading your office to Xerox technology? Your entire team will thank you when you give them the flexibility, efficiency, and feature-rich gift of a Xerox MFP—and we’re not even exaggerating that much.

A multifunction printer opens a lot of doors for small businesses. If you’d like to learn why, make sure to check out our post The Unique Advantages a Xerox Multifunction Printer Brings to Your Small Business for details.

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