What You Need to Go Mobile

What You Need to Go Mobile

While traveling for business can be a practical way to build partnerships and gain market share, it can also be stressful. Travel takes you away from the daily routine, which can make productivity difficult to maintain. Proper planning and mobile-friendly technology can help you remain effective, even with delayed flights, rescheduled meetings and uncooperative weather.

Collaboration Tools

Traveling with a laptop, tablet and smartphone can be a reasonable measure for ensuring you can be productive no matter what the situation from economy seating to working in your hotel room. However, carrying sensitive data can be problematic if any of these devices are stolen or lost. Using cloud storage and web applications can keep the data and documents secured in the event of theft, preventing a security breach.

Appropriate Accommodations

Catching a red-eye, packing for five days in a single carry-on and living on take-out can be commonplace for business trips. At the end of the day, accommodations that meet your needs for comfort and productivity can be the difference between a stressful trip and a positive one. Hotels that cater to business travelers can offer spacious rooms, comfortable beds and plenty of plugs for electronics. They may offer mobile-friendly WiFi and business centers with modern office technology.

Use web apps to capture and automatically file business card information, receipts and other paperwork into the proper folders. This can assist with post-trip wrap-up, reducing time spent sorting through piles of paperwork to find the one sheet you need.