Tuesday Tips: Mobilize Your MPS

 Mobilize Your MPS

If you’ve transitioned your business to a managed print services (MPS), then you’re already one step ahead on optimizing your business process. Are you ready for the next optimization leap? With the Xerox mobile app, you have access to mobile printing from your smartphone and can easily connect to your Xerox Multifunction printer (MFP) to create and access document scanning workflows.

It’s Like Holding the Office Printer in Your Hands

The mobile app gives you all the advantages of the office printer within the palm of your hands. Whether you’re in the office or working remote, you can now use your phone or tablet to:

  • Scan documents to your mobile Photo library or Inbox
  • Email scanned documents
  • Store documents in the cloud, using services like Dropbox or Office 365
  • Print or fax documents

Empower Your Employees

Increasing your business’s mobile printing capabilities helps empower your employees to act and respond quickly, whether out in the field or in the office. Imagine being able to almost instantly scan and submit newly signed contracts or purchase orders straight from your phone. The mobile app will enable you to capture a quality scanned image and get it into the right hands quickly. 

Stay a Step Ahead

If you already have MPS, mobile printing may be the next logical step in optimizing your printing processes. By using the Xerox mobile app, you can utilize your MPS capabilities from almost anywhere and empower your employees to act quickly in a dynamic environment.