Tuesday Tips: How Technology Can Help Manage Remote Employee Connections

How Technology Can Help Manage Remote Employee Connections

Advancements in office technology can make it possible to work remotely. Workers today may be at home, in different offices, time zones or even countries. Technology can make it easier to stay connected and productive.

Business Equipment

For both security and productivity, make sure that employees are using the same quality of equipment at home as they would have access to in the office. Supplying standardized equipment can also make it easier for the IT staff to install and support the equipment.

Cloud Storage

Storing data and documents in the cloud can give team members around the world access to the same information in real time. Digitized documents may be retrieved more quickly than paper. Security may be enhanced when all documents are stored centrally, rather than being stored on remote servers or personal devices.


Technology can support communication in many ways. Project management software can keep everyone up-to-date. Videoconferencing can be used to facilitate meetings, keeping people feeling informed and connected. Document management software can give multiple users access to documents for editing or updating, rather than sending document drafts via email.

Technology Brings the Team Together

Technology can give the same access to employees whether they are down the hall or halfway across the globe. Using office technology to connect team members can combine the flexibility of remote work with the connection of a corporate office environment.