How Can You Benefit From Xerox’s New Launch?

How Can You Benefit From Xerox’s New Launch?

The odds are, you probably don’t pay much attention to news concerning multifunction printers while you’re going through your everyday routine. However, if you happen to have any use for small business printers in your line of work, you may want to take notice of Xerox’s newest launch of 2017. This year, the company launched 29 new printers, each with its own defining qualities that make it ideal for a small business setting.

Well over half of the new desktop printers launched by Xerox offer VersaLink, which supports plug-and-play setup of all varieties. This makes it an excellent solution for any small operation that doesn’t yet have a strong tech support program. This program also prevents unauthorized computers and other devices from connecting to your network in order to keep your data and documents safe.

Some of the other great new features include:

  • Faster boot times for bigger machines
  • Compatibility with tablets and other devices
  • Machines can be customized to work with a wide range of popular apps
  • Touch-screen capabilities that make use easier for everyone

Whether you’re looking for more efficiency or simplicity when it comes to your multifunction printers, you’re sure to find exactly what you’ve been searching for when you check out this new line of expert printers by Xerox.